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Franchise Ownership:

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Why work with Brenda and her Team?

  • We are in the business of aligning ourselves with QUALITY brands. We don’t search for the best franchise or easiest franchise for us to offering to you.. this process is 100% about you finding the best match possible, with quality brands.
  • We don’t work with just any franchise offering an agreement. Many franchise brands just aren’t ready, in our founder’s opinion, to sustain a large franchise brand. With that being said, we steer clear of suggesting those brands to our buyers.
  • We listen to out clients. We don’t ask them to take quizzes, or use written matching services, to help us find the right brand for you. Instead, we speak to you, learn about your needs and expectations.. and we then proceed to ask you the right questions. By doing this, the formality of answering a quiz has turned into the beginning of a great business relationship, and often times, a friendship.
  • We don’t sell franchises. We aren’t in the business of creating sales qoutas. As a franchise broker, it is so important that we are making a good fit for both the buyer, as well as the franchise brand. For the sake of long term relationships, we want to see the franchise buyers we placed into a brand, thriving ten years later. We want both sides of the deal, the brand and the buyer, to have a fantastic relationship.
  • We have franchise experience. Real Franchise experience. We are not trained salespeople, selling franchises. We are franchise experts guiding towards a match between a franchise Brand and Franchise owner.
  • We know alot about the brands we stand behind. We have done our homework, to find brands we are proud to represent.

And her service is FREE to you!